Strategic Living: A Life Guide for Effective Living

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It is also worthy of note that as the explanation on Life varies, so also the understanding that each one has on how to live a fulfilled life. Now, let us borrow some insight from what goes on in the business world. Unarguably, the larger the demand for a given commodity or product; the larger the amount of the product that the supplier or producer will be eager to bring to the marketplace.

Consequentially, products that are highly demanded by customers often attract other producers who are not the inventor, but imitators and they flood the market. In most cases, these imitators know only a part in the production process of such products; which results in them releasing substandard products to the market. No matter how smart these imitators are, they can never know the product like the real inventors. Issues that revolve around quality, true maintenance, effective after-sales services, as a matter of general rule can only be best handled by the real producers or inventors.

While the imitators can claim some idea on the product; often times, sellers of these products do not have sound professional knowledge of the product. And whatever knowledge of the product they possess; it is limited to the amount of information that the real inventor releases per time. Though the numerous sellers and imitators may claim a reasonable knowledge of the product; the truth still remains that the most reliable and in-depth information about any product, lies with the original inventor of it.

Life, although given various interpretations or explanations by various people, authorities, and gurus, its true meaning and essence, can only be revealed by the real originator of life. Strategic Living is an inspired manual for everyone who desires true understanding of life; understanding of the purpose of his or her living; understanding of the proven principles of life and the tips for fulfilled living.

Truly, life is more than eating, drinking, sleeping, and dying. It could not have been for such. I am of the opinion that life is too important to the Originator to design it just for eating, drinking and probably, sleeping. Hence, this book is written to play the role of a guide for you, even as you make significant efforts towards living your life to the fullest  fulfilled living. I trust that this piece will unveil some hidden truths to you; such that your living henceforth will be an informed and fulfilled one.

Really, life is too important to be misunderstood, misconceived and mismanaged; and your decision to take up this book is a strong step towards a fulfilled living. Settle it in your heart that your Creator and Maker has inspired this book to help you die empty, having maximized all your potentials on the earth.

Strategic Living is a purpose discovery and destiny fulfillment guide on your palms. As it has been said, "there is no accidental success", which implies that all good performances are products of good and effective efforts. If life is important to you as I suppose; then, your life deserves a guide or a coach, and this book is designed as a reliable and resourceful manual for you to bank on for a true successful living.


Gboyega Adedeji

President, Centre for New Dimension Leadership

Abuja, Nigeria

ISBN 978-978-51306-9-0
ISBN 978-978-51306-9-0
Pages 106 Pages
Pages 106 Pages
Publisher Kingdom Pathwalker Inspirationals
Publisher Kingdom Pathwalker Inspirationals
Size 544KB
Size 544KB

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