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Structural Disorderliness And The Destiny Of The Church
Structural Disorderliness And The Destiny Of The Church
by Gboyega Adedeji (Author)
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The destiny of the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ is glorious; but the path to glory is not in disorderliness. This book is sent for the awakening of the Church

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Structural Disorderliness And The Destiny Of The Church

Structural Disorderliness And The Destiny Of The Church
₦ 500     ₦ 400
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Book ISBN: 978-978-51306-7-6

Book Code: eSDATDOTC2018

Book Publisher: Kingdom Pathwalker Inspirationals

Book Format: PDF

Book Pages: 38 Pages

Book Availability: Auto-Delivered Wirelessly

Book Size: 396.3KB

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CHAPTER 1: UNDERSTANDING THE CHURCH                                                                  
CHAPTER 2: THE FOUNDATION OF THE CHURCH                                                            
CHAPTER 3: THE BUILDING OF THE CHURCH                                                                   
CHAPTER 4: THE DESTINY OF THE CHURCH                                                                   


If you have spent some few minutes with some corporate consultants; then, you must have heard or overheard the word called PEST. Actually, it is not a word as such, but an acronym, which stands for Political, Economic, Social and Technological environment those corporate organizations carryout their business objectives.


The consultants believe that peak corporate performance requires that each organization understands its working environments - Political, Economic, Social and Technological. Thinking that organizational efficiency (in terms of resource management) and effectiveness (in terms of meeting objectives) is only possible when an organization understands and responds to its environmental demands promptly and properly.

The church today has become more endangered by the environmental forces of this world-PEST; to the extent that the church is no longer bothered about effectiveness; but efficiency. It is said that people usually do what people see; hence, the church is becoming gradually assimilated into the shapes, styles, systems and struggles of her environment.

Thus, since understanding is necessary for any accurate response to one's environmental demands and challenges; the LORD is keen on helping His church to know what she must know and must do; while she is on the earth. In addition, this book is not written to discourage or frustrate anyone; but to relay the voice of the Spirit to the church on matters pertaining to her identity, her purpose and her potentials.

Truly, the numbers of men does not move the devil; but the number of men that carry the Spirit of Christ everywhere they go always frustrates him. so, through this book - Structural Disorderliness And The Destiny Of The Church - the Spirit of Christ Jesus shall be taking His church, breaking her, moulding her and using her in unusual ways on the earth. Be open to the voice of God over the letters of the book - be ready for a major SHIFT - be ready to fulfill your purpose on the earth as a part of God�s people on the earth.

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(4 yrs ago) Whoever wrote this, you know how to make a good arclite.

Gboyega Adedeji
(5 yrs ago) I love this book

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