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Basics of Speaking Nghyhian (Anghan, Kamantan) Language
Basics of Speaking Nghyhian (Anghan, Kamantan) Language
by Labi Christopher (Author)
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This book is about learning the Anghan language. It is a starting point in the preservation of the Anghan language and heritage.

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Basics of Speaking Nghyhian (Anghan, Kamantan) Language

Basics of Speaking Nghyhian (Anghan, Kamantan) Language
₦ 1700     ₦ 1000
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It is predicted that one language dies every fourteen days worldwide. And by the year 2050, more than half of the world’s 6000 languages would have been lost. The first sign of a language that is dying is lack of literature on that language. Nobody would write a poem or a prose in a language that he/she does not understand.

It is sad that many Anghan sons and daughters born and bred in Kaduna town cannot speak the dialect talk less of those born outside. There are those who really want to learn but they have no materials to help them in this venture of wanting to get closer to their roots. In trying to preserve our heritage, this book has become imperative and invaluable. This write up might not be perfect, but it’s a good starting point for the preservation of the Anghan language. The writer does not claim to be a master in the language but is presenting the world and humanity as whole the opportunity to learn the basics of the language.

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Basics of Speaking Nghyhian (Anghan, Kamantan) Language - Labi Christopher: HowTo eBooks | Buy, Download or Sell eBooks Online - Pay4ebooks™ | Start Earning 80% Income InstantlyBiography
i am a writer, a scientist, a salesman and a lover of cultural Renaissance

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