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The Importance of Honour in a Leader’s Life

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About Benjamin Suulola

Benjamin Suulola is a Life Developer with a specific divine mandate to develop Christ-like Leaders for End Time Revival and to Empower Lives Globally with Purpose, Power and Biblical Principles to live their Best Lives. He is a Bible teacher and author including the best selling “Maximize Your Life”

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The Importance of Honour in a Leader’s Life

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The Importance of Honour in a Leader’s Life

David the king of Israel was a man full of God’s honour. In fact, I like the way he ended his life. The Bible says he died in a good old age, full of days, riches and honour (1 Chronicles 29:28). David was a vessel unto honour whose lifetime was full of honour till his death. So, what are things that filled David’s life and distinguished him as a vessel for honour?
1. Divine Favour
David was a man who enjoyed God’s favour all through his lifetime and beyond. When God was looking for a new king to replace King Saul, a vessel unto dishonour, David was chosen as the youngest among his brothers. Divine favour brought honour into David’s life (1Samuel 16:13).
2. Divine Empowerment
When God anointed David to be king, the Spirit of the Lord came upon him for spiritual empowerment. That empowerment made him audacious and indestructible in the face of lions, bears, Goliath, Saul and other enemies (1 Samuel 17:34, 37, 18:12). You command honour when you are indestructible before the enemies.
3. Divine Assistance
David was full of honour because God assisted him all through his lifetime. He assisted him to achieve great things beyond human effort.
4. Divine Victory
David was also full of honour because God who cannot be defeated gave him victory in all his battles. When the enemies thought they have defeated David at a particular time, God told him to pursue, overtake and recover all that the enemies had stolen. I decree in the name of Jesus, that God will help you to pursue, overtake and recover all the things your enemies had stolen from you before this year is over.
5. Divine Gifts
David was man endowed with the gifts of God. The Lord gave him special abilities to do certain things exceptionally well. He was highly talented. The Bible says, “He led people with skillfulness” (Psalm 78:72). When you are gifted, you must be lifted. David was gifted and because of that, he was lifted into honour.
6. Divine Prosperity
David was a prosperous king. He prospered so much that he provided what his son would need to build a great edifice for God after his demise. He had more than enough. His prosperity made him to command honour.
7. Divine Guidance
David enjoyed God’s guidance all through his lifetime. It was the power of divine guidance that made him to escape many murder attempts of Saul and to also enjoy so much honoured in spite of all his challenges.

As I conclude, there is one outstanding secret of David as a vessel unto honour. He was a man after God’s heart (1 Samuel 13:14). He loves to please the Lord. But when David shifted his goal and did what displeased the Lord (2 Samuel 11:27), he also tasted dishonour – disgrace and shame as a consequence of not purging himself from sin of immorality and murder. But David quickly repented, purged himself and the Lord filled him with honour till his death. I’m sure God wants us to learn from David’s experience that as long as we seek to please the Lord, He will fill our lives with honour.

Just like David, our lives can be full of honour if we take the personal responsibility of making holiness and righteousness the utmost priorities in our daily walk with God. We must live a life of praise to the Lord, seeking God’s kingdom first (Matthew 6:33). And you can be rest assured that all other things that people are dying to get will be added to us. It is my prayer that our lives will be full of honour in Jesus name.

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