The GRAVE Danger Hovering Over PAPERLESS (DIGITAL) Society: Sustaining Paper Writing and Publishing In A Digital Age

The GRAVE Danger Hovering Over PAPERLESS (DIGITAL) Society: Sustaining Paper Writing and Publishing In A Digital Age

Quite a number of people across the world today believe we are in an INFORMATION AGE, a period in time when INFORMATION is worth more than gold or silver. Accompanying the new era is the plethora of advancements in technology from 2G to 3G to 4G and to 5G - not to talk of the 6G that the Chinese have began exploring. With all these advancements come the urge to jettison the old order of writing or producing and storing of facts, data or truth; for a new order of production or processing or writing and storing data, information or truth.


Before, every document is made on paper and transmitted on via the use of paper. The point is, if you know something in those days, you must write it down in a paper and then file it up for storage. In fact, some of the Holy Scriptures of the Christian faith were said to have been found in the Dead Sea (which are today referred to as the Dead Sea scroll). We could then presume that whatever was written on those scrolls was stored up over many centuries or millennia in the Dead Sea.


A Roman Governor once told the Pharisees and the Chief Priests at the time of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ that "WHAT IS WRITTEN IS WRITTEN"; implying that whatever has successfully been written has a very great chance of REMAINING unaltered or changed across generations. The question is, who then profits from this kind of preparing and storing files or documents? While meditating on this issue; I began to perceive the Holy Spirit showing me the dangers ahead of humanity courtesy our embrace of technology, which has been sidelining PAPERS in most affairs and conducts of organizations and nations.


Have you ever worked so hard to prepare a document on your PC or Tablet or Phone; and just about the time you want to use it, you realize that the file is corrupted or the file is mistakenly deleted? If you haven't experienced that, I must congratulate you; yet, tell you that is only a matter of time. I have lost articles at the tail end to mistaken buttons that deleted them to my shock. The point is, what is DIGITALLY GENERATED may provide you the VIRTUAL (VANITY) experience you have never had; but is not still a REALITY.

Do you know that anything that is called VIRTUAL isn't real? How many times do you think you would be able to RECOVER lost files, documents, write ups and other important information stored in your phone? Have you factored in the possibility of your handheld devices been stolen? What do you think will happen when those who stole them wipe off your entire device? Am sure you would quickly remind me about BACK UP; yet, that appears to be a temporal solution to a permanent problem.

It appears that the wicked forces, who do not want the truth to REMAIN across generations are working tirelessly to create systems where TRUTH is stored up in their DIGITAL INFRASTRUCTURE and then subjected to electrical and electronic attacks that no one could blame them for. Should major CLOUD-BASED organizations suffer major electronic or electric attacks; the files, documents and information of the people, nations, organizations and religions would be LOST. You may actually be optimistic about the technological developments; yet, I want to remind you of HACKERS who work endlessly to destroy or steal information across the INTERNET.


So, it is clear that your handheld devices or PC can't guarantee the SAFETY of your vision, revelations or discoveries; and even sending them to CLOUDS isn't going to be safe either. My submission therefore is for you to have a PHYSICAL OR TANGIBLE (PAPER) copy of every file or document you have ELECTRONICALLY.  If the whole world will not be in lack of the knowledge of the TRUTH in generations to come; then our generation must not commit the crime of condemning the coming generations to perpetual darkness where every fact, information or truth is hijacked electronically and or distributed electronically at the will of the few.

If God shows you something, before you type it on your phone, or PC; write it inside a paper first - let electronic devices be the backup for your writings; not making different electronic backups of the same electronic documents.